Caring For Your Teeth

Our mouths contain millions of bacteria which stick to our teeth to form plaque. Plaque causes tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. Removable braces are removed for brushing and should be cleaned with a small toothbrush under cool water- taking care not to bend any of the wires or fittings.

Please find below a list of videos which explain orthodontic treatment. We also have great cleaning tips to make ensure you maintain good oral hygiene.


Class II Div ii Female

Class III Female

Class II Div I Male

Class II Div ii Male

Thumb Sucking

Removal of 4’s

Removable Appliance

Twin Blocks

Fixed Appliance

Appliance Cleaning

Appliance Cleaning II

Opening a Lateral Space

Class II Elastics no extraction

Bracket Removal

Vacuum Formed Retainer

Hawley Retainer

Bonded Wire Retainer

Lingual Brackets II

Clear Positioner

Enamel Stripping

When a fixed brace has been fitted you will be recommended to buy a care pack from our reception team. This contains special orthodontic toothbrushes, disclosing tablets, fluoride mouth rinse and soft wax to mould over your brace if it is rubbing. Following the start of your treatment you will be given an oral hygiene talk from one of our highly qualified nurses, regarding the maintenance of the brace/appliance. A leaflet containing all of this information will also be provided with the care pack.


It is important to exercise care when eating all foods and in particular you must avoid hard and sticky foods that can damage your brace, or break it completely. We also recommend that you avoid hard fruits, raw vegetables and crusty bread. Foods containing sugar react with plaque to form acid. Fizzy drinks and fruit juices also contain acid. This dissolves enamel causing de-calcification and tooth decay.

Your Dentist

If you have a brace it is very important to keep your regular six-monthly appointments with your general dentist. This will guarantee that your teeth and gums are properly cared for.

Hygienist appointments may be recommended to you during your treatment to help you maintain good oral health.

How do I clean around my fixed braces?

Remove any clear elastics that you may be wearing with your fixed brace (these bands hook onto brackets and run from your upper jaw to your lower jaw).

Electric toothbrushes can remove more plaque than ordinary manual toothbrushes. Some have brush heads specifically made for use with braces.

Inter-dental brushes have very small heads with fine bristles, perfect for cleaning under wires where the brackets are stuck on to your teeth.

Disclosing Tablets

Plaque bacteria can be present as an invisible film on your teeth. It is important that this is thoroughly removed in order to prevent dental problems. Disclosure tablets highlight the areas where you haven’t brushed properly, enabling you to better clean your teeth and remove any bacteria.

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